What's the Best Way to Warm-up my Sending IP

Spend some time warming up your new sending domain to improve deliverability

The following is the warmup schedule we follow at SendX to obtain the best deliverability on dedicated IPs. The routine starts with Day 1 when you start sending at a volume of 1000 emails to your most active users. Initially, it's essential to send to active users to build up a good reputation slowly leading to your entire subscriber list. 

Day Volume
1 1,000
2 2,000
3 4,000
4 8,000
5 16,000
6 32,000
7 48,000
8 64,000
9 96,000
10 128,000
11 192,000
12 256,000
13 360,000
14 512,000

While the warmup is ongoing, it's essential to note that there could be fluctuations in deliverability which should mend themselves over a few days with more and more emails being sent regularly.

For any queries regarding the warmup schedule and other deliverability related issues, reach out to us at support@sendx.io