What is email warmup and why is it important?

Learn about email warmup and how it improves your sending reputation.

What is email warmup?

Email warmup is the process in which you slowly increase email sending volumes over time to help build your sending reputations with ISPs (Internet Service Providers) like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. 

Why is email warmup important?

ISPs will reject your emails unless you prove you are trustworthy. In order to build trust with ISPs we need to warmup your IP and domains. We do this by slowly increasing email sending volumes. This is why we follow a warmup plan. If you follow this properly your reputation will grow and the ISPs will begin to trust you as a trusted email sender and your email deliverability will be high.

What factors are considered in email warmup?

There are 4 primary factors:

  1. Your sending IP
  2. Your sending domains
  3. Your email list and list size
  4. ISP (Internet Service Providers)

Your sending IP and sending domains need to be warmed up by slowly increasing volumes based on the warmup plan.

Your email list and its size can determine how many days will be required to send from your sending IP and sending domains.

And ISPs are important in determining how many emails you can send out to different ISPs within the warmup plan (ie Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook etc.)