What Are WebHooks and What Do SendX WebHooks Do

What Are WebHooks and What Do SendX WebHooks Do A Quick Guide On WebHooks And WebHooks In SendX Varun Jain

By the end of this short guide, you will be able to effortlessly send WebHook Requests using SendX. 

What Are WebHooks
A WebHook is an HTTP POST request to a specified URL/link when a specific event happens. In the case of SendX, this happens when any of SendX’s automation trigger occurs.

What Do SendX WebHooks Do
SendX raises a POST request with the details of a trigger.

The format of the POST request is in JSON format and has the following signature:

  "type": "<trigger_type>",
  "email": "<email_id of contact>",
  "entityId": <id of tag, list, campaign etc>,
  "time":"2017-12-27T11:47:50.284453005Z<timestamp of this given format>"

Trigger type can be any of the below:

  • subscribed_to_list: Subscribes to a list

  • unsubscribed_from_list: Unsubscribes from a list

  • confirm_to_list: Confirms a list

  • opened_campaign: Open Campaign Email

  • clicked_push_campaign: Clicks push campaign

  • clicked_campaign_link: Clicks a link in campaign

  • subscribed_to_drip: Subscribes to a drip

  • opened_drip_email: Opens drip email

  • clicked_drip_link: Clicks a link in drip sequences

  • tag_added: Tag added

  • tag_deleted: Tag removed

  • drip_completed: Completes a drip

  • campaign_replied: Replied to a campaign

  • drip_step_replied: Replied to a drip

  • removed_from_list: Removed from a list

  • submitted_details_to_widget: Contact added via pop-up

  • submitted_details_to_form: Contact added via form

  • submitted_details_to_landing_page: Contact added via landing page

  • added_to_segment: Added to a segment

  • removed_from_segment: Removed from a segment

  • visited_page: Contact visited page

  • global_unsubscribe: Global Unsubscribe

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