What Are WebHooks and What Do SendX WebHooks Do

By the end of this short guide, you will be able to effortlessly send WebHook Requests using SendX. 

What Are WebHooks
A WebHook is an HTTP POST request to a specified URL/link when a specific event happens. In the case of SendX, this happens when any of SendX’s automation trigger occurs.

What Do SendX WebHooks Do
SendX raises a POST request with the details of a trigger.

The format of the POST request is in JSON format and has the following signature:

  "type": "<trigger_type>",
  "email": "<email_id of contact>",
  "entityId": <id of tag, list, campaign etc>,
  "time":"2017-12-27T11:47:50.284453005Z<timestamp of this given format>"

Trigger type can be any of the below:

  • subscribed_to_list: Subscribes to a list

  • unsubscribed_from_list: Unsubscribes from a list

  • confirm_to_list: Confirms a list

  • opened_campaign: Open Campaign Email

  • clicked_push_campaign: Clicks push campaign

  • clicked_campaign_link: Clicks a link in campaign

  • subscribed_to_drip: Subscribes to a drip

  • opened_drip_email: Opens drip email

  • clicked_drip_link: Clicks a link in drip sequences

  • tag_added: Tag added

  • tag_deleted: Tag removed

  • drip_completed: Completes a drip

  • campaign_replied: Replied to a campaign

  • drip_step_replied: Replied to a drip

  • removed_from_list: Removed from a list

  • submitted_details_to_widget: Contact added via pop-up

  • submitted_details_to_form: Contact added via form

  • submitted_details_to_landing_page: Contact added via landing page

  • added_to_segment: Added to a segment

  • removed_from_segment: Removed from a segment

  • visited_page: Contact visited page

  • global_unsubscribe: Global Unsubscribe

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