View And Edit Contacts In SendX

By the end of this guide, you will be able to effortlessly micromanage your contacts, and their behavior, and edit their details manually within SendX using the SendX CRM. We will be covering:

  • Introduction to SendX CRM

  • The Contact Timeline

  • The Contact Info

  • Editing The Contact Info 

Introduction to SendX CRM
SendX provides you with an in-built CRM where you can micro-manage your customers and contacts, and tweak the specific settings at a micro level. This is an extremely powerful tool for sending laser-focused marketing campaigns to a specific user, or if you want to see how a specific contact is behaving and responding to your marketing efforts. 

The Contact Timeline
SendX allows you to look at all details of how a particular contact is behaving and reacting to your emails and push notifications. Click on the contact you want to analyze to go into the Contact Timeline. 

The Contact Timeline allows you to see everything that a particular contact is doing while interacting with SendX elements. Right from the very beginning. Even you can see how your Contact is behaving date-wise.

The Contact Info
SendX allows you to view all the contact info at a micro level and see details like the source of the lead, and the long-term value. This is extremely useful while trying to identify your high-value customers or the highest-converting sources of traffic. To view the info, simply scroll down the page and all Contact will appear. From there you can click on the name of the contact to be analyzed.

After clicking on the name you will be redirected to the Contact details page. On this page, you will be getting all the details of your contact.

Editing The Contact Info
SendX allows you to modify these contact details and make manual edits and additions to these contacts. This is powerful when you manually want to make a specific change to your lead and don't want to affect your other leads in a particular list. You can even add Custom Fields and assign specific tags with laser-focused specificity. Click on the Edit button next to the name of the contact to be able to do the same. 

Congratulations! Now you know how to laser-focus on specific leads and optimize your marketing campaigns accordingly! 

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