Upload An Image For A Pop-Up

Images add a visual appeal to your pop-up and can enhance the value of the lead magnet you will be using to collect leads via your pop-up. Colors that go well with your brand image are proven to make better-quality pop-ups for that particular brand. This makes the pop-up feel native to the brand instead of an annoyance. Here's how to add an image to your pop-up.

  • While creating your pop-up, go to the Content tab.

  • Scroll down till you see Add Images and click on it. Then various small images will appear where you can an image for your Pop-up.

  • Choose an image below or click on Upload Image to add an image of your own. 

  • Browse to the image you want to upload and upload it. 

  • The image will be added to the catalog of images below. Just select that image and you're ready to go! 

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