Stripe Integration

This page will go through the integration of the Stripe payment platform with SendX. This integration will enable data flowing from Stripe into SendX for analysis of a customer's Lifetime Value and tracking every transaction's value and status on Stripe.

With this, you will be able to assign and segregate your paying vs non-paying customers on Stripe and use their paying behavior to segregate and retarget them later.

The following is the procedure:

  • Go to the API section from the Stripe Dashboard.

  • Select the Webhooks tab and click on + Add endpoint.

This <team_id> can be obtained from the SendX Settings > Site Setup tab.

  • The integration is now done. To test it, you'd need to do you can create a customer in the View test data mode, add suitable details to him/her; and create a charge for it to show up on SendX. The following screenshots should help you in doing this:

Now, click the Charge Customer button to charge a test customer and view the final contact on SendX as follows:

Voila! You have successfully integrated SendX with Stripe payments. Stripe Customer's details are saved for the SendX contact with StripeCustomer- prefix and a via_stripe tag is added to all customers added through Stripe. You may view this information on the Info tab of the contact:

That's all, folks!

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