Send A Thank You Email To Your Landing Page Lead

A Step-By-Step Guide To Send Thank You Emails On Successful Subscription Through A Landing Page

By the end of this short guide, you will be able to quickly associate your landing with a list to send a Thank You Email to your leads. This is extremely useful for generating trust as a brand and a marketer. We will be covering:

  • How To Associate A List With Your Landing Page

  • How To Send Out A Thank You Email To A List Automatically

How To Associate A List With Your Landing Page

  • While creating a New Landing Page, go to the Success tab.

  • Under the field Add Contact To List, open the drop-down menu and click Add to an existing list if you want to add the leads from that landing page into a specific list that already exists in SendX. Otherwise, choose Add to Auto Created List to store the leads in a brand new list created by SendX. 

  • Choose the list from the Existing Lists, if you chose to Add to an Existing List.

Now any leads that are collected from this specific landing page will be added to the list chosen here! 

How To Send Out A Thank You Email To A List Automatically

  • Go to Contacts + Lists screen from the Top pane on the SendX Dashboard.

  • Click on the List to whom you want to send a Thank You Email to. 

  • Click on Edit (Next to the name of the list)

  • Go to the Thank you Email Setting tab. 

  • Check the box stating Send thank you mail once user has subscribed to this list, and add the From Name, From Email and Subject line for the Thank You Email. 

  • Edit the Email Body and type out your message that you want to send to your customers. 

  • Scroll down and click Submit to save the Thank You message for that list! 

That's it! Now go out there and write some awesome thank you messages for your future customers! Anyone who submits their contact details through the associated landing page will receive a thank you email from you. 

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