SamCart Integration

SamCart Integration Varun Jain

This article is to help you get up and running with SendX SamCart Integration. After following the below steps, as soon as customer is created on SamCart or places an order, his or her details shall be reflected on SendX.

You will be able to target users based on life time value, products they purchased, time when they purchased etc.

So here are the steps:

  • Go to your SamCart dashboard and click on Products tab

  • Choose the product you want to track on SendX and click edit on it. Note that you will have to do this step for each product which you want to push to SendX.

  • Click on Advanced tab of the selected product and then go to Notification URL. Enter the notification URL as:<teamid>

Once done do save your changes and open product URL in browser.

  • To test whether integration is working fine or not, order a product in Sandbox mode with detail of a dummy customer.

  • Once you have done, you will be able to find that contact has been created on SendX. Also product & order details are also shown in contact's activity timeline. 

  • Every contact created via SamCart is added a tag via_samcart. Also its Life Time Value is updated along with some other attributes captured.

Now you can target contacts based on their custom fields, product they purchased or when they purchased :)

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