Reply Automation

This guide will help you to understand what is reply automation and how to use it effectively for better engagement:

  • Introduction to Reply Automation

  • Reply automation Use Cases

  • Reply Reports

Introduction to Reply Automation

Most marketing automation platform largely focus on email opens and clicks as the sole metric for engagement. However nothing can be more powerful than user replies to reinforce the engagement with your brand. SendX makes it super easy to use reply automation by simply enabling a checkbox for campaigns or drip sequences.

After enabling reply automation all email replies by your users are forwarded to your from email address which was used for sending campaign or drip. Also user replies can now be used for automation rules. So you can easily tag users who have replied or unsubscribe users from a drip sequence.

Reply automation Use Cases

Reply automation can be used in campaigns as well as drip sequences for various use cases like:

  • Outbound prospecting: You can create a drip sequences of say 3-5 emails to reach out to potential businesses with your value proposition with reply automation enabled. You can quickly create a automation rule to unsubscribe users from the drip when they reply to your email.

So say you reach out to 1000 people and 100 people reply back to your 1st email. Now 2nd email is sent after x days only to remaining 900 people. Say again 50 people reply back. Then third email is sent only to remaining 850 people. So SendX Reply Automation can help you in scaling your outbound prospecting efforts significantly.

  • User product feedback: You can identify your product / blog chanmpions by asking them give you product feedback. Using reply automation you can provide a unique gift to users who provide you product feedback. This shall help in improving user engagement with your current users.

Reply Reports

You can find reply reports under both campaigns as well as drip step reports. You can exactly see total replies and unique users who have replied.

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