This guide will help you to understand tags and the various options that come with it in detail: Introduction to Tags & Tag Use cases

Introduction to Tags

Tags are used to group contacts based on an action or interest or event. So for example you have two lists for your product:

  • Trial Users

  • Paid Users

Now contacts in these lists would have done specific activities say:

  • Created a profile

  • Uploaded a picture

  • Visited a specific webpage and so on ...

So users belonging to same lists would have performed different activities and in different order. In such a case you would like to create tags for each such activity.For example here we will take those contacts who have unsubscribed the emails. So in the place under name we will name it unsubscribed user.

Then we have have to submit the tag by clicking on the Submit Tag button.
After submitting you can import contacts or Add it manually.

Tag Use cases

Tags can be used to:

  • Segment users at a finer level. So you can decide to send a campaign to all users who have joined in last 1 month and have created a profile but have not uploaded a profile picture using tags.

  • You can start or stop drip sequences based on tags which are added or removed to a contact. For example, if a user adds a product to shopping cart but doesn't make a purchase then start a drip sequence for him to complete the purchase. Also when a user completes the purchase, remove this tag which will stop the drip sequence.

  • You can do mico-targeting by having dynamic email content based on user activity or actions represented via tags. So say for any user signing up for trial you send them drip email sequence. However the email content should be based on the actions which they did on the platform. So if a user has created a profile then the mail should nudge them towards uploading a picture

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