Prevent emails from landing under spam

Emails going to spam is a major cause of concern for most businesses. The reasons for it may be twofold:

  • Email Content

  • DKIM and SPF records

Email Content

There are many good practices for writing great emails. Not following them may end up triggering spam filters leading your emails to land under spam for your users. You can use the following services to check the spam score of your emails and then apply the suggestions to improve email content.

You can also have a look at the Email Content Best Practices article for a more guided set of rules and best practices.

DKIM and SPF records

SendX automatically authenticates all emails sent through our servers, but by adding DNS records to your domain we can send on your behalf and digitally 'sign' your emails. DKIM and SPF are considered the gold standard for the same.

Adding authentication information to your domain helps ISPs to track your sending reputation. This means you maintain full control over the emails that affect deliverability for your domain. A positive reputation for your domain builds trust and improves deliverability, affecting whether your emails are caught by spam filters or not.

SendX provides you the capability to add your own providers like Amazon SES or Sendgrid. The guides provide you with a step-by-step process to do DKIM/ SPF whitelisting of your domain on SendX.

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