How to integrate Google Tag Manager to your landing pages

First you have to create a landing page for which you want to add google tag manager details. To create a landing page please refer here.

  • Login to Google Tag Manager, add your domain name in Container and publish it. 

  • Once the container is published, create the Tags and Triggers. Here you can add a specific Tag that has to be added for a specific Trigger.

  • In this case, let me take the example of Google Analytics. The Tag is Google Analytics & the Trigger is the page view.

  • Enter the Tracking ID for Google Analytics.

  • Then, select Admin-Install Google Tag Manager.

  • Copy the codes 1 & 2, and paste it in Custom JS section in the landing page and Submit the page.

  • Once a user clicks on the landing page link, you will be able to capture the required results.

In this way, we can integrate Google Tag Manager with SendX landing pages.

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