How to get notified when a user subscribes from popups

When any new subscriber is added via popups, forms or landing pages, SendX allows you to send notification emails for the same. Let’s see how is it done when a user has subscribed via popup.

  • You can send a notification email when a new user has subscribed from popups using Automation.

  • Select Automation+Bulk Actions from the Dashboard.

  • Select +New to create a new Automation. You can name the automation as per your choice.

  • In Automation, under the Trigger section, Select the option, Contact added via popup. Select the popup from the drop down menu.

  • Under the Action section, Select the option, Send activity notification email and select the email ids for which you want to send the notifications.

After you have selected the email id, you can click on Submit Automation, thus whenever a user subscribes from the popup, you will get a notification email for the same.

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