How To Check If Your Contacts Have Unsubscribed From Your Emails, Marked Your Emails As Spam Or The Emails Have Bounced

A guide on how to check for the contacts who have unsubscribed, marked spam, or bounced

If your contacts have unsubscribed from your emails, marked your emails as spam or the emails have bounced from the IDs, then it is best practice not to send these contacts any emails in the future.

You can check all the contacts who have done so using the Segments feature.

  • You can select the Lists+Tags+Segments option from the dashboard.

  • Under Segments, select a new Segment option.

  • In this section, you can name the particular segment and under the segment, conditions select OR from the AND/OR option.

  • When you select the conditions, you will be able to see all three conditions under the contacts section.

  • You will have to add the conditions one by one by selecting the Add Rule option.

  • Once you have completed adding all the conditions, you can either select See All Contacts option to see all the contacts or click on Submit to save the segment.

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