How to add custom domain to your landing page

SendX allows users to host landing pages on your custom subdomain. By default, any landing page which is created on SendX is created on a SendX subdomain.

For example

As a business owner, you would ideally like to host these landing pages on your subdomain instead of SendX.

So instead of you would like the page to be

To begin with, select Settings from the main Dashboard and select Account Details.

Under account details, you can see a field called Landing Page Custom Domain, where you can enter your subdomain URL.

Once you have entered the subdomain URL, you can create a landing page. You can refer on how to do so from here.

By default your landing page URL would be the name of the landing page. You can see it here.

Your subdomain URL does not link to SendX subdomain yet. That can be done in DNS file zone on your hosting.

Linking your subdomain to our application usually looks like this:

  1. Login to your domain provider (Usually on your hosting).

  2. Find DNS settings for that domain (It is easy to find instructions by entering “DNS” + the name of your hosting provider in Google or any other search engine. Alternatively, you could search for “Add CNAME record” + name of your hosting provider).

  3. Create new DNS record with following details: type: CNAME name: subscribe value:

For the name part, you should use only subdomain (not full address However sometimes the system changes the name to – it depends on your hosting provider and it is fine if that part is added by the system, not by you.

Also, different hosting providers refer to name and value differently – they can be called name and host, domain and value or domain and host. In some cases CNAME record may be referred to as a Domain Alias record also, so please have that in mind.

The point is that the value of CNAME record must be our URL for eg: or <your team name>  – CNAME record points there and the link between your custom URL and our application is established.

We’ve included an example of how adding a CNAME record might look like:

GoDaddy example:

BlueHost example:

DNS settings take time to activate, but usually this happens quite fast.

Once you have added it to your domain the URL of the landing page would change.

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