How To Add And Use Templates

By the end of this guide, you will be able to effortlessly create and add templates in SendX and be able to use them in your marketing campaigns. We will be covering:

  • Why Use Templates?

  • Adding Templates in SendX

  • Using Templates in SendX Marketing Campaigns 

Why Use Templates?
Templates are essentially quick ready to use email copies that can be created and stored for future uses. Usually, the types of emails that are frequently used in your marketing campaigns are saved as templates. Templates can greatly increase your speed of implementation of your marketing campaigns. 

Adding Templates In SendX
In your SendX Dashboard, go to Settings on the top right. Open the Email Editor & Templates tab.

Click on New (Next to Templates) to open the New Template Screen.

Create your template. Add any images, buttons or texts you want to add. Click Submit to save that template. 

Using Templates in SendX Marketing Campaigns

Once you have saved the template, you can access it simply by clicking on Email Templates button while making your email for your Newsletter or Drip Campaign. 

Edit the template according to your current marketing campaign's message and you're all set with your email! 

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