How do I check my Account Details.

This article will help you understand  Account Details and all parts of it.
Basically, Account Details consist of Personal Details, Company Name and Unsubscribe Footer and Page.
You can go to Account Details by going to Setting > Account Details.


Under Account Details, you can change your Default "From" Name, Default "From" Email e.t.c


Under Default "From" Name you can use or edit the name you want as the pre-filled From Name in your future email campaigns.
For example, here we are using "Varun from SendX", which will be shown any email sent from this account.
You can also edit and change the name at any time.

Default "From" email will be the email you will be using for sending out your emails. You can edit it and change it whenever you want to.

Account Details also consist of a "Reply to" Email. If anyone replies to your campaigns, you will be getting the emails in the following "email address" you would have provided.

Then comes Company Name, where you have to use your company name, through which you/your organization can be recognized. E.g. we are recognized as

Under Postal Address, you can use your company's postal address.
The Company Name and the Postal Address are mandatory to be filled in order to Save your Settings.

Then comes Default HTML unsubscribed Footer, the unsubscribe link should be unchanged. Its value should remain   {{.GlobalUnsubscribeLink}}.

Under Default HTML Unsubscribe Page, you can edit the unsubscribe (thank you) messages for the contacts, informing them that they have been unsubscribed.
You can also edit and change the logo given. It can be customized and saved for use at any time.

Once you are done editing, you can save all the changes made by just clicking on Save Account Details.

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