Embed A Form On Your Wordpress Website Or Blog

By the end of this guide, you will be able to quickly embed forms on your website or blog with just a few clicks. We will be covering:

  • Introduction to Embedded Forms

  • Creating an Embedded Form In SendX

  • Editing the Content of the Form

  • Embedding the form on your website

Introduction To Embedded Forms
An embedded form is basically a way in which a user can embed a form that they created in SendX into a page on his website. Viewers will see the form on your page instead of having to click on a link to visit your form. This is a great way to collect leads without making the viewer leave your main web page. 

Creating An Embedded Form In SendX

  • The first thing we need to do is create a New Form to display on the webpages of our choice. Go to Forms + Embedded > New Embedded

  • Enter a suitable Name and you can choose between Email type i.e Email collect or Call to action.

  • Then you can choose a Template for your Email, and after choosing a template you have to click on Next Content

Editing the Content of the Form

What you write on the embedded form is hugely important to evoke some response out of your viewer. 

  • You can edit what you show, and create a suitable message for your reader under the Content tab. 

  • Add a Title and Description to present your offer.

  • Use the Button Text field, to add a specific Call To Action message for the user.

  • Edit the Fields for the contact information that you want to collect. 

  • Check the Add Image box, if you want to add an image to your form. 

  • Under Content, you can customize your email, from title to its background colour add images e.t.c.

  • Then comes Targeting, here you can target the client you want to show emails to or hide from.

  • Under Success option you can Add Contact To List, open the dropdown menu and choose Add to an existing list to choose a specific list you might want to add your contacts to. Else leave it to Add to Auto-Created list to make SendX create a brand new list for this form (or click no action required if you have something else in mind for that contact!). 

  • Click Submit to create the Form.

Embedding the form on your website

  • Make sure you have the SendX Plugin For Wordpress installed on your website. You can get the free plugin here.

  • On Submitting the Form, you will be taken to a page that would look something like this, confirming that the Form has been created successfully: 

  • Below, you will get your own unique Embed Code. Copy this code, and Paste it wheresoever you want to show form on your website or blog. 

Congratulations! You now have your Form Embedded into your website, all set to collect leads. 

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