Disable Grammarly Extension

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  • Grammarly Extension Problems

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Grammarly Extension Problems

Grammarly is a chrome/safari extension for fixing spelling and grammatical mistakes. However, this extension doesn't work properly with SendX. We strongly recommend you disable Grammarly extension if you are using SendX. In fact, if you have the extension enabled we show you a warning too.

Grammarly doesn't play well with SendX Email Editor and breaks your emails for your customers. It actually changes the email content which you have created by adding its own CSS and Javascript. You can see Grammarly spinner which is either green or red at the very bottom of the email. You can verify the changed HTML and source code too.

This leads to either broken emails or emails which are huge in size and as a result shall appear to your users as message clipped.

How to disable Grammarly

Disabling Grammarly extension for Chrome is straightforward. Go to Chrome Settings > Extensions > Check Off Enable Grammarly

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