Create and Map New Custom Fields While Importing Contacts Into A Tag

Sometimes you might have specific contact info like phone number, designation, etc which you would want to import into SendX via a CSV file. SendX makes this process an extremely simple one, by allowing you to do so in just a few minutes. 

  • Create appropriate Custom Fields in SendX. These fields should be the fields that are not already there in SendX, but are there in the CSV file you want to import. 

Creating A New Custom Field

To create a new Custom Field:

  • Go to the Contacts menu from the Top side pane of SendX and scroll down the page.

  • Click on the New Custom Field button at the top. 

  • Type the Name you want to give to the field. For ex: Designation. 

  • Choose the Type of field from the menu below. The following are the types of values you can accept in SendX:

  1. String: A string is simply a sequence of characters (could be letters, numbers, symbols etc.). Ex: Designation.

  2. Number: As the name suggests, this is simply a sequence of numbers. Ex: Contact Number 

  3. Date (YYYY-MM-DD): This field is used for accepting dates. Ex: DOB.

  4. Boolean: A boolean value is one with two choices. Essentially meaning true or false. Ex: Paid User 

  • Click Submit to create the Custom Field! 

Mapping Custom Fields While Importing Contacts
Once you have created the Custom Field, just go to the Tag, and Import Contacts. It should show the Custom Field which you have just created in the drop-down. You can map the custom field to a column in the CSV file and it would get imported for all contacts.

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