ClickFunnels Integration

ClickFunnels Integration This guide shows you how to add leads collected from ClickFunnels landing pages or sales funnels to SendX automatically Varun Jain

This article walks your through enabling Clickfunnels integration with your SendX account. You will be able to collect leads from your Clickfunnels sales funnels or landing pages and they will automatically be added to SendX. 

You will also be able to start drip sequences or send one-off email campaigns to these leads.

The main steps are as follows:

  • Go to your ClickFunnels Account > Integrations

  • Click on Add New Integration button

  • Search for webhook integration. You will find Webhook Api. Select this integration type.

  • You can find your team id from Settings tab of your SendX account

  • Once submitted you should see success notification after adding notification

  • Now you can go ahead and click on ClickFunnels > Funnels tab to create a new funnel or edit existing one.

  • Go to the step of the funnel which you want to integrate to SendX

  • In the funnel editor, add a new element and choose Form > Input element

  • Once you have created your form in your clickfunnels landing pages, click on Settings > Integrations sections of the page

  • You will next have to choose the Integration which you wish to enable for this page.

  • Choose your Webhook Api Integration name from the dropdown and Send Webhook as an action. Also choose JSON attributes from List to Add section. You should be able to see connected confirmation on the screen.

  • Once done, you can go to your clickfunnels landing page url and submit your form.

  • After some time ( usually 5-10 minutes ) you should be able to see the lead on SendX. The lead from clickfunnels will have tags set as via_clickfunnel. All the other form information besides name, email is shown as custom fields on SendX.

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