Check The Analytics Of Your Pop-Ups

By the end of this guide, you will be able to quickly analyze your pop-ups and figure out which pop-ups work best on what pages. This is extremely useful because pop-ups are the first thing a user sees on your website, and whether they submit their information or not depends on how well the pop-up is made and what offer is given out as a lead magnet. 

  • Go to the Forms + Popup on your screen. 

  • Here you will see the names of pop-ups you've made in SendX along with their metrics like Status, Type, Impressions, and Submission/Clicks. 

  • Status: This shows whether the pop-up is currently ACTIVE or on PAUSE.

  • Type: This shows whether the pop-up is set to Email Collect (collect user contact info) or Call to Action. 

  • Impressions: This shows how many times that specific pop-up has been displayed by SendX on any web page. 

  • Submission/Clicks: This shows a percentage of how many users actually engaged with the pop-up and converted to a lead. This is extremely useful for figuring out the efficiency of your pop-up. 

Click on the Action button and click Info to get a more detailed view of how many impressions were produced, and how many subscribed over a period of time. 

Here Impressions are signified with the curve in blue and the Subscribed are signified with grey. 

And that's it! Within minutes you can analyze your popups and optimize your lead generation efforts FAST. 

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