Check The Analytics Of Your Drips

By the end of this guide, you will be able to quickly analyze your drip emails and figure out which drip campaigns work best on what lists. This is extremely useful because your drip campaigns are one of the most important aspects of your marketing efforts, and whether they convert or not depends on how well the drip email sequences are made and what offer is being promoted. 

  • Go to the Drip Sequence by going to Campaigns screen from the menu on the top pane. 

  • Here you will see the names of drip sequences you've made in SendX along with their metrics like Status and Time

  • Status: This shows whether the campaign is currently ACTIVE or PAUSED

  • Time: This shows the time zone and the time at which the drip campaign is scheduled to be sent out. 

Click on the Action button and click Info to get a more detailed view of all the drip emails inside that drip sequence (as well as the option to edit them), the time zone etc.
Click on Report to go to a detailed view where you can see the exact numbers and really go into the details of your campaign to analyze it and see detailed metrics of every single drip email inside that sequence.  

  • Step Number: This shows the particular step the drip email is sent out at. 

  • Subject: Allows you to quickly view the subject of the email.

  • Status: This shows the status of every particular email, whether they are active or in draft. 

  • Sent: This shows the number of emails sent, and hence the number of users who reached that particular step. 

  • Open: This shows you what percentage of the emails sent were opened by their recipients. 

  • Click: This shows what percentage of the recipients actually clicked on the link provided inside the email. 

  • Reply: This shows how the number of replies you may have received to that particular email. 

  • Actions: This allows you to view the report of that particular email in the drip, where you can see the number of Unique Clicks and Unique opens, which can really help you laser target your contacts base for the future.

And that's it! Within minutes you can analyze your drip campaigns and optimize your sales offers FAST. 

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