Do we support crypto, CBD and cannabis marketers?

At, we provide support and services to marketers in the crypto, CBD, and cannabis industries. We understand the unique challenges and requirements of these industries and aim to cater to their specific needs.

For clients in these industries, we have internal checks in place to ensure compliance with legal regulations and industry standards. We review each client's business and practices to ensure they align with our policies and guidelines.

Internal Checks:

We do support campaigns but your account has to adhere to strict standards. Please note the following points:

  1. The email list shall be double opted-in.
  2. No purchased/scrapped list can be used.
  3. All email addresses should be validated using any email validator tool before uploading to your account.
  4. The bounce, unsubscribe, and spam percentage should be maintained as per industry standards.
  5. The content should be text rich and can't be image only.
  6. The content shouldn't have spammy keywords or phrases. A list of helpful details can be found on our blog (
  7. The sender domain should be a business domain. No emails can be sent from free emails such as Gmail, Outlook, etc.
  8. The sender domain should be whitelisted with SendX.
  9. If the list size is above 10k, a warmup should be performed.

Most of these rules are not implemented by SendX but by the industry, we just want you to know. 

Acceptance of Crypto Clients:

We welcome crypto marketers as our clients. However, it's important to note that while we accept clients from the crypto industry, we are currently not set up to accept crypto as a payment method. Please make sure to use our accepted payment methods for transactions and services.

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to let us know.